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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alamak!! tak percaya...

Assalam you all, hehehe..lama btl tak menulis blog ni..
well, nak kupas skit psal isu2 panas skg nih..

Chocolate cadbury jenis nih da DNA haram..??
bila hal ini tlh d terangkan dgn jelas d muka akbr n pelbagai social website  da tnggung jwb kta yg beragama islam ni menjauhinnya.
Dari dulu lg kta da d dedahkan dgn plbagai cara dlm mmilih brg kegunaan mahu pun mknanan agar terhindar dri pada brg2 yg haram. Islam da mengajar kita bahawa mkanan yg haram bg owg islam tu yg jelas ialah haiwan Khinzir dan Anjing.
Maka jauhi la agr x mnjdi darah dlm dging kta ni..
Dan ketahui la d muka bumi Allah ini tiap2 yg d cipta mmpnyai sebab musabab yg tertntu..MAka tiada la yg d cipta itu sia2..
Yakin dgn ketntuannya, bkn tuk kebaikkan sesiapa..smua itu khas tuk umat makhluknya..

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Unbelievable Things Found Inside The Human Body

this is a normal abdomen x-ray.
                                                            this is an abnormal abdomen x-ray.


Astonishing X-ray: It looks a bit like a squid, but this image actually shows the 78 spoons and forks swallowed by a Dutch woman, collected into a lump inside her body.

Removed - and cleaned - the 78 forks and spoons that surgeons found inside the woman's body

'She seems to have been suffering from some sort of obsession and every time she sat down for a meal she would ignore the food and eat the cutlery,' said one medic.
The astonishing images were actually taken over 30 years ago - but they were published for the first time this week in a Dutch medical magazine.
The magazine had asked for readers to send in examples of strange medical tales.
A doctor at a hospital in Sittard in the Netherlands sent in the tale of Ms Daalman.
When she went in for her surgery, Ms Daalman, a secretary in a local estate agents, told doctors: 'I don't know why but I felt an urge to eat the silverware - I could not help myself.'
Medics also revealed it was not the first time that she had been treated for eating the cutlery.
They said she had been diagnosed as suffering from a borderline personality disorder that left her with an urge to eat forks and spoons. 
She never ate knives, however - and could not explain why not.
Ms Daalman made a full recovery and is said to be responding well to therapy she was receiving for the disorder.
The ingestion of foreign objects is a little-discussed type of disorder, according to an article in Pyschiatry Online.
Sometimes referred to as pica, individuals may crave and ingest non-food substances or an unusual quantity or selection of food commodities.
The phenomenon, considered a form of self-harm, is difficult for physicians to diagnose as - unlike with self-harming patients who burn or mutilate themselves - the damage is not always obvious. 
It is also nearly impossible to prevent access to all potentially ingestible objects, the article added, making the behaviour difficult to stop without psychiatric treatment. 
Doctors in Rotterdam said they had never heard of someone consuming quite so many foreign objects before

Friday, March 21, 2014

MakE It Up

Wanna put some magic through your eyes but lost in idea..
check this out..

I've try it..so you can learn it more from Clozette..