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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Rules!

salam smua, tak maw ckp bnyak..just intro2 jep... Nin ske wat entry sal love story ni....coz  to love wasn't that easy so lets share the rules about it..... shall we?? (*^ ~~~~ ^*)!!

Love is not blind but we always fall for the wrong person...so make sure to not fall for just anybody...

Be  intelligent in everyway...
Be yourself ..
show the real you insyllh!!
there is someone for you..

chase the love from someone that love you, and don't chase the love from someone you love..except if you'r confident enough to make sure he'll love you back!!

this is most important!!
in the first step of it never ever give all the heart for him!!

save half of it, just for preparation to yourself..so that if u've breaking up you can  manage to not broke all of your heart coz u've save half of it for u...

you do the math!

so be brave be strong be bold and the most important thing is be yourself!!!  try to let someone to love you for you,just don't make it hard..it just simple just be truth to yourself..coz sometimes life makes love look hard..

so start searching love from now...maybe it just infront of you..

lets share your rules of love as well...sharing is caring!!

E. N.D

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