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Friday, April 20, 2012

a share


♥ Be like a STAR, so far no one can reach you, so bright and shining, guiding people with the light of your good deeds.

♥ Be like a PEARL, so precious, well protected in your shell (Hijab ), the only one who can have you is the right husband who would realize your true value and cherish your protected beauty.
... ...
♥ Be like a CLOSED BOOK, don’t let any man read you except the one whom Allah has already decreed for you, i.e. YOUR HUSBAND.

♥ Don’t be one of the LOST DEALS of any man and don’t be the one he adds to his life’s archive.

♥ Don’t turn your heart to a "LABORATORY" of emotional experiences which end every time with tears and regret and anger from Allah.

♥ Don’t try to WIN BOY'S LOVE and lose Allah’s satisfaction.

Sister for the sake of Allah change your PROFILE PICTURE and fear Allah and please dont be a trial for brothers in Islam!!!!

Share this as sadqa-e-jariya( everlasting charity). if someone acts on any of this information, you will be benefited too INSHALLAH.

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