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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my sweetheart

Assalam jom view c comel my favorite plus+++!!!! anak buah!! she was so cute!!! hurm!! she's got such cute & chubby face!! 

actually i finally got to meet this cute Dania(her name) at my cozen's wedding!! hehehe..not much of help & all the things there already be in well organized..soo taking her picture was one of my job & an important obligation for me teehee C(= !!
comel kan!! aktif sngat!!! so bnyk pix die yg mcm nie..

  jan isau bkn sy sowg jep yg bnyk ambk gmbr dia...C(= tehee...

hehehe..mcm da jd fans la pla...tp x ckup g..sat na..
hehehe..ni pla pix lpas jep cozen bersanding..ngh lyn die ku pun snaps la pix nie..sja wat post ni nak bg hilang rindu...hurm bnyk g gmbr2 yg b'kenaan ngn post nie tp yg tu ku post kat fb jep..lalalalala...yg pling best  la kan pd hri tu ku rsa mcm raya!!!! gila btl2 x tipu.. hehehe..coz all family together gather..smua ada..tp x smua jg..C(= tp ckup happening larh!! so thats all 4 tday...Assalam..

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