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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another lesson of life

to be or not to be..when the truth is ur eyes is so tired..u've feel it already time for you to sleep and just close ur eyes because of the tiredness, but deep in ur heart u still wanna wait..waiting for another call
from them, so please guys out there please just dont just pick a girl and make it as ur game..a puppet for you to love only when you need them, then just through her of in the closet when you've felt bored already..
that just the story that i've heard so many time ago and it keep repeating again and again to me..well as a good listener i've kind like it the way my bff always nagging about their opposite partner and i'll willing to give my ears for my bff to borrow..to know that relationship will always have its up and downs story it will be another lesson of life u've need to learn about..

but as a girl like me, it kind like me who the one my bf have to wait for..so it's kind relaxing for me to just close my eyes and just let go what already been gone..well good night u'll know it better about the truth about relationship when u've read the Act like a Woman , Think like a Man book..so Assalam. and good night..

#just feel free, dont stress ur heart for those someone who never cares..

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